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Your Oral Health Goals: Patient Information

A woman smiling outsidePatient satisfaction is the top priority for our dentist, Joseph Perry and Thomas Shields, who will take care to ensure you always feel comfortable and fully informed. We have focused our dental practice exclusively on dentures for 25 years, and offers considerable expertise in denture technology. We thoroughly explain the available denture options to each patient, going over the processes and procedures, as well as techniques for denture care and maintenance.  Contact our San Antonio practice if you are ready to rebuild your smile.

Initial Consultation is Key

In our view, the most important part of the patient care process is the initial consultation. He allows ample time for discussion and questions, with an ultimate goal of providing you with the dentures that are right for you. Our doctors will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that fits your budget and meets your needs and goals.

River City Dental Solutions provides a variety of traditional dentures and bridges, and our doctors have more than a decade of experience placing dental implants for snap-on dentures. Dr. Perry recently obtained certification as a provider for new Fountain Of Youth Dentures™.  It is important to us that each patient is well informed, so we carefully explain the advantages of each of the available denture options during consultations.

Disclaimer: The Fountain Of Youth Dentures™ services are in no way related to Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® treatment.

Continuing Care

Once a treatment choice has been made, your dentist will keep you continually informed about the process and timing expectations. Patients usually have many questions, and we are pleased to provide answers. We have helped thousands of patients incorporate new dentures into their lives, and enjoys helping you achieve a greater quality of life with new prosthetic teeth. You will receive ongoing care from us to ensure your satisfaction with your dentures.

Caring For Your Dentures

To help you care for your new dentures, our doctors offers several tips:

  • Your dentures should always be removed at night for cleaning, allowing the tongue and saliva to provide stimulation and cleansing for your gums.
  • Never leave dentures and bridges to dry out. Soak them in a warm water solution overnight. Hot water should be avoided because it can cause dentures to warp.
  • Your appliance can be cleaned with a special denture brush and liquid soap or non-abrasive denture paste, but toothpaste is too harsh and can harm dentures.
  • Over-the-counter denture cleanser products can be used to remove stains, or you can soak dentures in a cup of water with a teaspoon of household bleach. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly before putting them into your mouth.
  • When cleaning dentures, it is best to do so over a forgiving surface, such as a sink full of water. Dropping your dentures on a hard tile floor can cause them damage.
  • For implant-retained dentures, you should also use a soft brush to clean around the implant attachments on the appliance.

Contact Us

Schedule your initial consultation by contacting San Antonio Dental Solutions.

Contact Us

Dr Perry is a great dentist. Very kind and informative. I feel like he is personally invested in my health. He always takes the time to sit and discuss any issues I'm having - I never feel like they're rushing me out.

-Channa B.