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Teeth Whitening

Over time, teeth can stain and change color, leading to feelings of embarrassment when you talk or smile.

Fortunately, our teeth whitening treatment can give you the dazzling smile you've been dreaming of!

See why teeth change color and what Dr. Joseph Perry of River City Dental Solutions in San Antonio, TX, can do to help.

How Does Whitening Work?

The active ingredients for most in-office whitening treatments are one of two bleaches: hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These bleaches break down large stains and dilute the pigments that cause discoloration.

The bleaching agents used by Dr. Perry are typically much stronger than anything you can purchase for at-home use. These solutions must also be administered by a professional because a special method may be necessary for optimal results, such as the use of an ultraviolet light tool.

Whitened teeth

The Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening

During a consultation at our practice in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Perry will discuss your teeth whitening goals and determine if you're a good candidate for treatment. If you qualify, we recommend in-office teeth whitening for several reasons:

Treatment Is Fast

An in-office whitening treatment can often be completed in under an hour, so it can conveniently fit into your schedule. Store-bought whitening strips and gels can require multiple uses to whiten your teeth, consuming a lot of your time.

The Solution Is Strong

In-office whitening treatments are stronger than any whitening kit you can buy in a store. Dentists are approved to use stronger whitening solutions that yield better results and can target more severe dental stains. Our bleaching solution can whiten your teeth several shades.

Our Dentist Makes It Safe

Though the whitening solution our dentist uses is stronger than anything you could buy in the store, it's still a safe treatment. Our dentist is trained to follow proper protocols to protect your gums and lips, so only your teeth are exposed to the whitening solution.

Exploring Candidacy for Teeth Whitening

Realistic Expectations

Many whitening treatments can only whiten your teeth to their natural tooth color, which may not be the dazzling white you're expecting. Teeth bleaching, on the other hand, can make your teeth several shades lighter than their natural color. Keep this in mind when considering teeth whitening.


If you want to maintain the results of your teeth whitening treatment, you can do so at home with a good oral hygiene routine. However, touch-up treatments may be necessary to make your results last longer than one year. Patients may also schedule a few whitening or bleaching treatments to achieve the best results.

When Teeth Won't Respond to Whitening

If you have deep dental stains, you may be better suited for veneers instead. A veneer is a thin shell that can fit over an affected tooth, concealing the discoloration.

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