Tooth Extraction:
Prevent Future Problems

Why are tooth extractions performed? 

When a tooth has been extensively cracked, chipped, or broken and the damage can’t be repaired through methods such as fillings, veneers, or crowns, extraction may be necessary to prevent the problems created by further deterioration of that tooth. 

The same is true for a tooth suffering from advanced decay. Generally, when decay progresses below the gum line, extraction is likely the best option, particularly if there’s infection or the risk of it. At River City Dental Solutions in San Antonio, TX, we offer safe, and virtually painless extractions.

Healthy teeth may sometimes be removed due to overcrowding. Creating a properly-aligned bite may mean that some teeth are removed to allow for the movement of the remaining teeth into a consistent and balanced bite. These extractions may be part of orthodontic care. 

Wisdom teeth sometimes don’t emerge through your gums due to overcrowding, or they come in sideways toward your other teeth. These are called impacted teeth and are candidates for extraction. 

What should I expect during a tooth extraction procedure? 

Depending on the tooth and the extent of the procedure, you are given appropriate levels of anesthetic. Typically, anesthetic levels are higher if you’re having more than one tooth pulled, or if the tooth is impacted. 

Dr. Perry will rock the tooth back and forth to separate it from the ligaments and bone of the jaw, extracting the tooth once these bonds are released. For an impacted tooth, some gum and bone tissue may be removed to aid extraction. Teeth that are hard to pull may be removed in sections. 

Once the tooth is extracted, the opening will be stitched or packed with gauze to promote the formation of a blood clot at the site, a key part of the healing process. 

How do I care for the wound when I get home? 

Your River City Dental Solutions caregiver will instruct you on specific care for the site after extraction, so follow the instructions given to you. These will generally include keeping a gauze pad in place for several hours, changing it only if the pad is saturated with blood. The pad promotes the formation of a strong clot over the tooth socket. 

Avoid rinsing your mouth for 24 hours. Apply ice as instructed to combat swelling, and take medication according to your caregiver’s directions.

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