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Complete Your Smile with Full and Partial Dentures

Old gentleman in a straw hatIf you are missing one or more teeth, you know the impact a compromised smile can have on your life. Mealtime can become a challenge, and you may feel hesitant to share a smile.  Fortunately, there is a way to remedy this situation and enjoy life again. You can bring back your love of food and social occasions with quality full or partial dentures (also called dental bridges) created by Dr. Joseph Perry and Dr. Thomas Shields in San Antonio.

Creating custom dentures is both an art and a science. Dr. Perry has honed his expertise after spending 25 years working with patients who are coping with tooth loss. If you need full or partial dentures, contact San Antonio Dental Solutions to schedule an appointment today.

Denture Options

New technology has greatly improved the quality and fit of dental appliances -- these are not your grandfather’s dentures. Dr. Perry continually works to stay abreast of the latest dental technologies and incorporates these advancements into his practice to ensure his patients have the best available care. He knows there is nothing more important to denture patients than proper fit and function. He provides this, as well as enhanced aesthetics, for each and every patient.

Denture options offered by our practice include snap-on dentures that attach to dental implants (which are artificial roots implanted in the jaw bone), new Fountain Of Youth Dentures™, and traditional attachment dentures and bridges. Traditional dentures and bridges are economical, and sometimes the best choice for patients depending on their individual needs, lifestyle and overall health.

Disclaimer: The Fountain Of Youth Dentures™ services are in no way related to Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® treatment.

Full Dentures

Standard full dentures – upper, lower or both – are a solution when all of the teeth are missing or need to be extracted. These removable dentures include porcelain or ceramic prosthetic teeth on a flesh-colored acrylic base that fits over your gums. The dentures stay in place using suction, as well as the muscles and anatomy of your mouth. Dentures can be created to be worn immediately after tooth removal, or after the tissues have fully healed. The healing process after extractions results in changes to the size and shape of the gums, so immediate dentures will need to be reworked in a few months for optimal fit.

Partial Dentures (Dental Bridges)

If you are missing teeth, but still have several healthy natural teeth, you may need a partial denture, also called a dental bridge. Partial dentures attach to your remaining teeth, dental implants, or to dental crowns placed over natural teeth. The restoration literally ‘bridges’ the gaps with natural-looking porcelain or ceramic teeth. Most bridges are easily removable for cleaning, but some patients choose a fixed or permanent bridge.

Treatment with Us

To create your dentures or bridge, Dr. Perry or Shields will make a series of impressions of your jaw, including careful measurements to determine spacing requirements. A model will be made so you can try on your prosthetic teeth and assess the fit and appearance. Finally, your permanent denture is created at our partner lab. As you begin to wear your new denture, Dr. Perry or Shields will continue to provide adjustments as needed, as well as advice for maintenance and care.

Contact Us Today

If you need full or partial dentures, contact our office today and schedule an appointment.

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Dr Perry is a great dentist. Very kind and informative. I feel like he is personally invested in my health. He always takes the time to sit and discuss any issues I'm having - I never feel like they're rushing me out.

-Channa B.