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Cosmetic Dentistry San Antonio

How Common Is Tooth Loss? Tooth Loss Statistics

Joseph Perry, DDS Apr 09, 2019

Tooth loss is a common dental problem in the United States. Doctors Joseph Perry and Thomas Shields explain the numbers.

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Traditional vs. Implant-supported Dental Bridge

Joseph Perry, DDS Feb 13, 2019

Dental bridges are an ideal restorative treatment for one to three consecutive teeth. We explain how traditional dental bridges differ from implant-supported bridges.

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Reducing Discomfort after Dental Implant Surgery

Joseph Perry, DDS Nov 14, 2018

Reducing discomfort after dental implant surgery is important for a comfortable recovery. Our team offers tips so patients can prepare.

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Can Smoking Cause Dental Implant Failure?

Joseph Perry, DDS Mar 30, 2016

Smoking poses many risks during dental implant recovery, including implant failure. Discover the risks associated with smoking and dental implants.

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Causes of Missing Teeth

Joseph Perry, DDS Mar 01, 2016

People lose their natural teeth for many reasons, with gum disease being the primary cause. Custom dentures can restore lost teeth and oral function.

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Causes of Jawbone Degradation

Joseph Perry, DDS Dec 29, 2015

Dr. Joseph Perry helps patients maintain their oral structure and avoid the common causes of jawbone degradation.

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Address Tooth Loss with Mini or Traditional Dental Implants

Joseph Perry, DDS Nov 28, 2015

Dr. Joseph Perry can help patients determine whether mini dental implants or traditional dental implants are suitable for their case of tooth loss.

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Traditional Dentures and Bone Loss: What Patients Should Keep in Mind

Joseph Perry, DDS Sep 29, 2015

Traditional dentures that are removable will not address bone loss, which is why implant dentistry may be a good option to consider.

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Custom Dentures Can Reduce the Likelihood of Bad Breath

Joseph Perry, DDS Jul 30, 2015

Custom dentures, especially implant-retained restorations, will prevent bacterial build-up. In turn, this will reduce your risk for bad breath.

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Reasons for Mini Dental Implant Failure

Joseph Perry, DDS May 30, 2015

Dr. Joseph Perry can successfully treat tooth loss with mini dental implants, but there are factors that can cause these implants to fail.

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