Keep Your Dental Crowns in Top Form with These Easy Tips By Joseph Perry, DDS on March 16, 2020

Two dental crowns lie on a reflective white background.Patient relationships aren’t the only thing that’s long-lasting about our dental practice. If you recently had a crown placed or are about to have one fabricated, you can enjoy the benefits of your dental crown for 10 or more years.

Following your restorative treatment at River City Dental Solutions in San Antonio, TX, you will be given tips and advice on the typical dental crown lifespan and proper aftercare.

How to Care for Your Dental Crown

After eight years, 94 percent of dental crowns are still intact and functional, according to one study. With proper care, the restorations can last far longer. Patients have an active role to play in ensuring that their crowns are protected from wear and damage. Here are tips and advice from our doctors.

Take Steps to Prevent Damage

Dental crowns are incredibly durable, but they are not indestructible. You should treat your crown as you would your natural teeth. Never use your dental crowns to tear open packages or bite hard objects. Doing so could damage or dislodge your porcelain cap.

If you are playing active contact sports, wear a mouthguard. Nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism) can wear or even damage a crown. To prevent this, one of our dentists can have you fitted with an oral splint that is BPA-free and durable. The oral appliance can relieve jaw pain associated with bruxism.

Oral Hygiene Tips

You can use any type of toothpaste with your dental crown, but you may want to stray away from abrasive toothpastes that can wear enamel and porcelain over time. Proper oral hygiene protects the supportive structures of your crown. This even applies to crowns that are supported by dental implants.

If you have a traditional crown, the underlying tooth structure is still susceptible to decay and disease. Poor oral hygiene habits can lead to decay that can dislodge the crown or even lead to a root canal infection. If your crown is supported by a dental implant, the supportive gum tissue and underlying bone can still be damaged from the effects of gum disease.

Regular Visits to See the Dentist

Our highly trained doctors can identify problems related to your dental crown that you may not. We recommend that patients visit our office twice a year for cleanings and exams. During those visits, one of our doctors can carefully examine your crown to ensure that it is still attached and free of damage. By allowing one of our doctors to address any problems, you can prevent your crown from becoming dislodged.

Other Tips

Beyond following the advice listed in this blog post, patients should:

  • Avoid using your crown to bite your nails
  • Floss carefully around the base of the crown
  • Avoid chewing ice or other hard objects
  • Report any potential signs of damage or loosening of your crown
  • Use a quality antibacterial mouthwash

If your crown does become loose, call our office immediately. A partly or fully dislodged crown can either be reattached or replaced at our office.

Schedule Your Dental Crown Treatment Today

Dental crowns can last well over 10 years with proper aftercare. Even with proper care, a crown will eventually need to be replaced. Whether you have a traditional or implant-supported crown, the doctors and dental team of River City Dental Solutions will be here to replace your dental crown.

To schedule your dental crown consultation, please contact our office online or call (210) 349-3745.

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