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Cosmetic Dentistry San Antonio

Porcelain Veneers Lifespan and Aftercare

A veneer being placed over a toothPorcelain veneers are an excellent treatment option for cosmetic flaws that affect the teeth that are visible when you smile. They can last a long time, but it is important to practice proper aftercare to prolong the longevity of your veneers.

At River City Dental Solutions PLLC, in San Antonio, TX, Drs. Joseph Perry and Thomas Shields discuss porcelain veneers lifespan and proper aftercare so our patients can enjoy their enhanced smile for many years to come.

How Long Will My Veneers Last?

Porcelain veneers can last 10, 15, even 20 years. The key to their longevity is to have high-quality veneers placed by an experienced dentist. In addition, patients must follow all of our aftercare instructions to prolong the lifespan of their veneers.

How Should I Care for My Veneers?

There are a number of steps patients can take to extend the longevity of their veneers:

  • Brush and floss your teeth: All patients should brush twice a day and floss once a day, whether they have veneers or not. While your veneers are not susceptible to tooth decay, the tooth underneath the veneer could become affected by a cavity or root canal infection. This would require the removal of the veneer so the tooth can be treated.
  • Use a toothpaste that is safe for veneers: Use a gentle toothpaste that is safe for use on veneers. The use of abrasive toothpastes can damage or scratch your veneers.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush: A hard-bristled toothbrush can scratch your veneers. Always opt for a soft-bristled brush.
  • Visit the dentist: Visit the dentist every six months for an exam and professional cleaning. During your appointment, your dentist can ensure that your oral health is in good condition.
  • Avoid bad dental habits: Bad dental habits, such as using your teeth to break tags or chew on your fingernails, can wear down your veneers. In the worst case, they can cause the veneer to become dislodged.
  • Avoid tooth discoloration: The porcelain material that is used to fabricate veneers is more stain-resistant than the natural tooth. However, staining foods and beverages, as well nicotine products, can cause tooth discoloration. In addition, your natural teeth and your veneers may become discolored at different rates.
  • Take care of your gums: Avoid anything that can harm your gums and cause recession. Gum recession can expose the area between the tooth and veneer, leading to the need for re-treatment. Poor oral health, chronic teeth grinding, aggressive brushing, and smoking can all cause gum recession.

If your porcelain veneers become damaged, loose, fall off, or begin to look worn, it may time to have your veneers replaced. At our San Antonio practice, we can design your veneers to match your old set, or we can design a new set of veneers.

Contact Our Practice

To find out if porcelain veneers are right for you, contact River City Dental Solutions PLLC. You can reach us online or call us in San Antonio at (210) 349-3745. We look forward to working with you.

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Dr Perry is a great dentist. Very kind and informative. I feel like he is personally invested in my health. He always takes the time to sit and discuss any issues I'm having - I never feel like they're rushing me out.

-Channa B.