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Cosmetic Dentistry San Antonio

Custom Dentures Can Reduce the Likelihood of Bad Breath

Woman about to brush her teethBad breath, or halitosis, is a common concern for many denture wearers. The condition is exacerbated by ill-fitting or loose dentures, as well as by insufficient dental hygiene. At San Antonio Denture Solutions, we can provide tips on maintaining your fresh breath while wearing a full mouth restoration. Moreover, our custom dentures feel better than older types of restorations. Their snug, lifelike fit will reduce your risk for bacterial build-up and halitosis. We can also supply implant-supported dentures for the ultimate in stability and improved oral health. To learn more about custom dentures, contact our San Antonio practice today.

How Do Dentures Cause Bad Breath?

All bad breath, whether related to dentures or not, is ultimately caused by oral bacteria. When they feed off of bits of food, bacteria produce sulfur compounds.  Sulfur, known for its “rotten egg” smell will dramatically impact the odor of your breath. Dentures can easily trap these harmful bacteria, which will lead to more sulfur and more odor.

Proper Care Can Prevent Bad Breath

When you care for your dentures properly, you can greatly reduce your risk for chronic halitosis. Just like your natural teeth, dentures require daily cleanings. You should take them out and rinse them with hot water after every meal. Be sure to clean your gums and any areas that your dentures touch, as well. This will keep bacteria from getting trapped under your restoration. At least once a day, you should also brush you dentures, using soap or a denture cleaner. Finally, you should remove your restoration and soak it overnight. Dr. Perry can recommend an appropriate cleaning solution for you.

Custom Dentures Reduce Your Risk for Halitosis

Poorly fitting dentures will cause gum inflammation and oral sores. In turn, this will lead to a build-up of bacteria. For both your comfort and your fresh breath, it is important to receive dentures from an experienced practitioner. Dr. Perry and his team will provide dentures that are a near-perfect fit for your mouth. We offer traditional removable dentures, including both full and partial restorations. You can also choose snap-on removable dentures, which will attach to permanent implant posts. You will still need to remove the restoration to clean it, but you will also enjoy a secure fit. Finally, Fountain Of Youth Dentures will fill in your facial contours for a younger appearance, as well as improve dental function.

Implant-supported Dentures for Even Greater Protection against Bad Breath

While our removable restorations are all great choices, implant-supported dentures can virtually eliminate your risk for “denture breath.” These permanent restorations will attach to implant posts. They will never move around in your mouth, and the implants themselves can prevent jawbone degeneration. You will maintain your dentures just as you would your natural teeth. Like everyone, you will still be subject to oral bacteria and normal bad breath. However, brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits can keep these problems at bay.

Find Out Which Type of Dentures Are Right for You

To learn more about our various restorative options, contact San Antonio Denture Solutions today.

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