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Cosmetic Dentistry San Antonio

How to Clean Your Dentures

Man and woman smiling on a park bench outdoors According to the American College of Prosthodontists, over 35 million Americans are edentulous, meaning they have no teeth. Missing many or all of your teeth can be uncomfortable and unhealthy, impairing your oral function and making you feel self-conscious. At San Antonio Denture Solutions, Dr. Joseph J. Perry and our team offer custom dentures to restore your smile and meet your distinctive needs. These prostheses can help you reclaim your ability to eat, speak, laugh, and smile with confidence. By filling the gaps left in your mouth, they can also help maintain your oral structures and preserve the health of remaining teeth. Dr. Perry and our team can guide you through every step of the denture process, from assessing your candidacy to helping you maintain your new smile. Read on to learn how to clean your dentures from our San Antonio dentist.

Our Denture Options

Dr. Perry and our team offer three individualized denture solutions:

  • Conventional attachment dentures are custom-made prostheses that rest on top of your gums. They are an affordable, effective solution. Dr. Perry can provide a full set of attachment dentures or a partial set, attached to crowns or implants as a dental bridge.
  • Fountain Of Youth Dentures are a refined version of traditional dentures. They have a unique, proprietary design that uses neuromuscular techniques to lift and plump the face. Unlike attachment dentures, these prostheses help limit bone loss by stimulating the tissue.
  • We offer implant-supported removable dentures for a more secure, healthier smile. These artificial teeth attach to strategically placed mini dental implants, small titanium posts inserted in the jawbone. Implants provide a stable hold for your denture and help exercise your jawbone to prevent deterioration.

We can help you decide which type of denture would be appropriate for your medical needs and cosmetic concerns at your initial consultation.

Cleaning Your Prosthesis

No matter which kind of denture you opt for at our practice, you’ll need to clean and sanitize your prosthesis daily. This will help maintain the aesthetic appearance of your new teeth and preserve your oral health. After each meal, you should take out your denture and rinse it with cold water to wash off debris. At least once a day, you should more thoroughly clean your dentures by removing them from your mouth and brushing them with a gentle solution. You should also scrub away any residue from denture adhesives at this time. While you sleep, you should place your denture in cool water or a dental cleanser. You should then rinse them before replacing them in your mouth the next morning, since soaking solutions should not be ingested.

Denture Care Tips

In addition to routine hygiene, you can keep your dentures in top shape by:

  • Attending regular dental appointments. During these visits, Dr. Perry will examine your tissue and your prosthesis to diagnose and treat any potential issues. He can also answer any questions you may have about your artificial teeth and address your concerns at this time. For example, he may modify your prosthesis so that it fits more snugly.
  • Not exposing your dentures to hot water, since this could distort their shape.
  • Avoiding whitening products, since these can damage the denture material.
  • Holding and adjusting your dentures with care. Dentures can be delicate, so you should not drop or twist them. This also includes avoiding caustic cleaning solutions or scrubbing them too roughly.
  • Keeping them moist at all times. Your dentures should never be left out in the open air. They should either be soaking or within your mouth.

Enjoy a Clean, Restored Smile

Dr. Perry and our team can help you enjoy and take care of a more attractive, functional grin. To learn more, contact San Antonio Denture Solutions to schedule a consultation with Dr. Perry today.

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Dr Perry is a great dentist. Very kind and informative. I feel like he is personally invested in my health. He always takes the time to sit and discuss any issues I'm having - I never feel like they're rushing me out.

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