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Cosmetic Dentistry San Antonio

Implant-Supported Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

A couple spends quality time together outdoorsDr. Joseph Perry has helped countless patients throughout the greater San Antonio area with their dental health needs. When patients are missing many teeth, one of the best options for care is dentures. Custom dentures restore the beauty and health of a smile, and ideal results can be achieved when the process is completely tailored to the needs of the patient.

A number of our patients wonder if traditional dentures that can be removed are better for their needs than dentures that are supported by dental implants. Let's compare the two right now.

About Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are used in order to fill a large tooth gap. They are ideal when people are missing most or all of their teeth. Traditional dentures are held in place by bracing along the gum tissue and jawbone structure in the tooth gap. The overall grip of a denture can be enhanced by using dental adhesives/denture creams.

Traditional dentures stay in place relatively well, though they can slip out of position or even fall out during regular activities, such as speaking or eating.

Getting Dental Implants to Support Dentures

One of the best ways to improve the stability of your dentures is getting dental implants to support them. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically embedded into a person's jawbone and gum tissue. When the implants fully fuse with these living structures of the mouth, they will be able to support dental appliances of different kinds, including full dentures, partial dentures, and dental bridges.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

There are many great benefits to getting implant-supported dentures:

  • Greater Stability of the Denture - With dental implants in place to support a denture, it is less likely for the denture to slip out of position.
  • Natural-Looking Results - Because of the secure hold, the dental implants help hide obvious seamlines between the denture and the gumline, which can be a problem with removable dental appliances.
  • Prevention of Bone Loss and Gum Recession - Dental implants help prevent bone loss and gum recession from occurring since they provide a root structure in the area of the gap. This is something that cannot be achieved even with the best removable dental appliances.

Ideal Candidates for Dental Implants

The best candidates for dental implants are people who have healthy jawbone and gum tissue in the area of the tooth gap. They should be in good overall health and not suffer from any sort of medical conditions that would make surgery a risky endeavor.

If a patient does not have sufficient jawbone and gum tissue in place, grafting/augmentation surgeries can be performed in order to build up these tissues so they can support the dental implants. If grafting procedures are performed, it will add a few months to the overall treatment process.

The Implant Dentistry Process

During the oral surgery to place the dental implants, patients will be placed under general anesthetic to reduce distress and discomfort. The implants are anchored directly into the gums and jawbone.

In the months that follow, the fusion of the dental implants with the gums and bone will occur. This process is known as osseointegration. Only once osseointegration has occurred can the denture be held in place securely.

Which is better for me: traditional dentures or implant-supported dentures?

While implant-supported dentures seem like they'd be the best option for patients, it's not always the case. Sometimes a traditional denture would be better for a patient given the nature of their needs and the health of their gums and jawbone.

During your consultation, we will be sure to go over all of your options for advanced restorative care in full detail so that you can undergo the right dental treatment to address your needs.

Learn More About Restorative Dentistry

If you would like to learn more about dentures and your many options out there for addressing tooth loss, be sure to contact our dental care center today. Dr. Perry looks forward to your visit and helping you have a healthy, beautiful smile.

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Dr Perry is a great dentist. Very kind and informative. I feel like he is personally invested in my health. He always takes the time to sit and discuss any issues I'm having - I never feel like they're rushing me out.

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