5 Signs That Your Dentures Just Don't Fit Right By Joseph Perry, DDS on June 30, 2014

An older couple smiling together at homeWhen it comes to replacing missing teeth, many patients in the greater San Antonio trust the experience and knowledge of Dr. Joseph Perry. Using the latest techniques and technologies in restorative dental care, Dr. Perry is able to create custom dentures that fit great and look just like a person's natural teeth.

Many people take the fit of dentures for granted and only consider the aesthetics. Yet the fit of a denture is just as important as its look, sometimes more so. We want to provide you with five signs that your denture isn't fitting right so that you can look into getting it replaced with a new one as soon as possible.

Bad Dentures Can Have a Negative Impact On Your General Health

While having dentures that don't fit may seem like a mere inconvenience, it can actually have an impact on overall wellness. When you have ill-fitting dentures, it is difficult to eat right and sometimes difficult to eat enough. If you're limited in what you can bite and chew, it's possible that you may wind up suffering from malnutrition. More than speech impediments and self-consciousness, this is the most compelling reason to get a denture that doesn't fit right replaced.

Sign #1: Your Mouth Hurts

When you have dentures that don't fit, they won't feel right when you're biting, chewing, speaking, or simply at rest. Pain along the dental arch and gums is one of the telltale signs that your current denture just isn't right for you.

Sign #2: The Denture Falls Out Often

Another common sign of a bad denture is that it falls out often. This can happen while biting or chewing, or even while simply speaking. This source of embarrassment and annoyance may be the result of gradual recession of the gums and loss of bone density over time, or it simply may be the sign of a denture being poorly crafted.

Sign #3: Sores Along Your Dental Arch

Related in many ways to the first two signs, sores are likely along the gumline and dental arch if your dentures don't fit right. A denture that fits poorly places pressure on the dental arch and irritates the gum tissue a great deal.

Sign #4: A Case of Candidiasis

Also known as thrush, candidiasis is a type of fungal yeast infection that can affect a person's mouth. The irritation and sores caused by the ill-fitting denture can lead to this unsightly yeast infection, which can be especially off-putting to others.

Sign #5: Swelling of the Gums and Mouth

When your gums get irritated by a bad denture, swelling is likely to occur. The swelling isn't just confined to the gumline, however. Other parts of a patient's mouth such as the lips, the chin, and the cheeks can be affected as well.

Replacing Your Old Denture with a New Customized Denture

If you're convinced that your denture just doesn't fit right anymore, rest assured that we can help. We will be able to assess your current dental health situation and craft a brand new denture that fits much better, functions properly, and also looks as much like a natural set of teeth as possible. Our team will consider your old dental records as well as impressions and x-rays taken today in order to craft a new appliance that is just right for you.

Discuss Your Treatment Options with Our Dental Care Team

If you notice any of the above issues and would like to find out about getting a new denture or set of dentures, we encourage you to contact our advanced dental care center today. Dr. Perry looks forward to your visit and helping you have a healthy, beautiful smile.

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