Tooth loss can impede your ability to eat and speak, and your face may sag into the gaps between remaining teeth. Dr. Thomas Shields and Dr. Joseph Perry of River City Dental Solutions in San Antonio have several techniques with which to approach tooth loss, including dentures and removable dental appliances custom made for your mouth. Call today or make an appointment online.

Dentures Q & A

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What are dentures, and how are they different from other tooth restorations?

Dentures are distinguished by removability. Conventional complete dentures used to consist of an upper plate that covered both your gums and your palate, while the lower plate covered only your gums, leaving room for your tongue to move. Partial dentures typically consist of replacement teeth mounted to a frame that wraps around remaining teeth for support.

There are now several alternatives to the traditional plate sets and fixtures of full and partial dentures. Implant technology can handle the job of some partial dentures by permanently replacing lost teeth with restorations mounted to posts surgically implanted in your jaw.

Other improvements in denture technology, such as FOY® dentures, include cosmetic aspects that result in a more youthful appearance of your face.

How do implant-retained dentures work?

In addition to being attachment points for permanent tooth restorations, the posts of dental implants can also serve as attachment points for removable dentures. Implant posts provide stability, particularly for lower jaw dentures, which typically have more problems than upper plates.

Implant-supported dentures come in two main types: ball- or bar-retained. Ball-retained dentures have sockets built into the denture plate base that snaps over a corresponding ball on the implant post.

Bar-retained plates attach to a bar that follows the curve of your jaw. The bar attaches to the implants, and the denture plate clips onto the bar.

What are FOY dentures and how do they work?

The FOY system approaches denture design by taking both neuromuscular and cosmetic considerations into account. Since your face developed around your natural teeth at their full height and size, replacing teeth with dentures should consider these factors as well. The FOY system considers the impact your teeth had on the muscles of your jaw and factors this into the fit.

Traditional dentures often lead to an aged appearance by moving the location of denture-mounted teeth inward in the pursuit of stability. Foy dentures counter this sunken look by recreating plates that more naturally reproduce the size and location of your original teeth. FOY dentures are also suitable for use with implant-mounting systems.

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